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Sophie Elliott

Sophie Elliot
Sophie Elliot

Designer: Sophie Fair Elliott

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC


Collection Title:  So Fair


Sophie has always been inspired by fashion.  As a young girl, she was known for her inevitable outfit changes before any event to find just the right look to fit her mood.  She went to “sewing camps” at her Meme’s house and received a yearly Christmas gift of a new sketchbook.  She was drawn to the confidence and individuality in the industry.  Sophie’s creative passion led her to NC State Wilson College of Textiles, where she began to learn the technical side of design.  Upon graduation, she hopes to use her education to help others feel confident in their natural beauty through her designs as well as explore opportunities to create sustainable fashion.  Five people she’d invite to a dinner party living or dead? Anna Wintour, Donatella Versace, Kim Kardashian, Ulla Johnson and Nicky Zimmermann.


Sophie’s collection draws inspiration from her experience on the Amalfi Coast.  At the heart of the collection lies beauty and romanticism with pieces designed to seamlessly take you from beach to bar.  The breezy shapes, ceramic neutrals, and lightweight fabrics create a simplistic, feminine aesthetic perfect for the hot months of summer.