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Reagan Kurtz

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Reagan Kurtz


Reagan Kurtz


Noblesville, Indiana

Collection Name

The transformation of: HER

Describe the concept behind your collection

My collection, the Transformation of: HER is a collection of avant garde looks that are each telling a story of finding oneself. Each look has a specific name that correlates to an aspect of one’s personal being that they might want to grow or get to know more. There are five looks with five different names: Playfulness, Passion, Sensuality, Recognition, and Allure. Playfulness is a fun and flirty two piece look with an overskirt. This look is intended to be interpreted as the element of yourself that reminds you of your inner child. The look you put on that makes you want to spin in circles and dance the night away. Passion is a latex tight dress with a funky skirt. This garment makes you feel like the most confident and inspired version of yourself. You walk into a room, everyone stares at you, and you love it. Sensuality is a long halter neck gown that gives off a sultry vibe. This look makes you feel sexy and powerful! Recognition is the look I have designed to incorporate inclusivity. It is an all denim mini dress designed for gender expression. When someone slips this dress on, they feel recognized for who they truly are and for all of the right reasons. Lastly, but certainly not the least, Allure. Allure is the look that takes viewers’ breaths away. The look is intriguing and insinuating, it creates a mystery about the wearer. When someone puts this gown on they feel dainty and strong at the same time. The peaks in the bodice paired with the overlay of tulle and organza creates a juxtaposition much like the different elements in a strong personality. When you see this collection walk down the runway, you see five elements of yourself that you inspire to develop as seamlessly as the avant garde dresses have been developed. It creates an imaginative fantasy for each viewer. Almost like when they see each look, they can see themselves walking down the steps at the Met Gala in that specific look and embodying what it represents.