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Kathryn Kittrell

Kathryn Kittrell
Kathryn Kittrell

Designer: Kathryn Kittrell

Hometown: Gates County, North Carolina


Collection Title: Hidden Functions


Kathryn comes from a small town in Northeastern NC, where she grew up on her family’s farm.  As a fourth-generation legacy student, she grew up loving the Wolfpack alongside her family.  She is a senior majoring in Fashion and Textile Management, with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management. She has also added a Business Entrepreneurship minor in order to learn more about businesses and how to start one.  This past spring, Kathryn debuted her first collection, Pocket Game, as a participant in the African American Textile Society’s annual Fashion Expose.


Kathryn was heavily inspired by the lack of functionality in the traditionally feminine clothing for women.  For example, women often become immensely excited when a dress has pockets, due to the rarity of such a basic addition to a piece of clothing.  Generation Z is leading the change in defying stereotypes, and this has been reflected in the fashion trends. There has been an increase in pocketed dresses in the past year, and even yoga pants have become more functionable with this simple addition.  Functionality is the newest trend and is necessary in improving the lives of active young women.

Kathryn’s collection features clothing that enables its wearer to go through their daily lives comfortably, while maintaining fashion trends. Dresses that are convertible to a jumpsuit, jumpsuits that disconnect, and pockets with every look are a few of the features that she aims to achieve within Hidden Functions.  She wants her collection to embody the message that it is possible to wear functional clothing and maintain femininity.