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Grace Pang

Grace Pang
Grace Pang

Designer: Grace Pang

Hometown: Durham, NC


Collection Title: ΔRomeo


Grace was raised in both South Korea and the US.  Having experienced two diverse cultures provided a unique experience in life, in addition to different ways of life.  Clothing has always been a form of self-expression curated from being divided between these two countries.  From traveling across the world, a passion and appreciation was developed for the design of garments found throughout.

Instilling this appreciation to the creative process of design lead Grace to her desired career path. Upon the completion of her degree at North Carolina State University, Grace plans to pursue a career focused on creative directing.

Collection Description:

Inspired by the gentlemen and suave mob members of the 1930s and 1940s of America, “Delta” Romeo adapts the class and disorder from this period and changes it to a modern outlook. In addition, the collection also challenges old practices of waste through sustainable approaches towards design.