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Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Designer: Tyler Smith

Hometown: Hampstead/Topsail Island, North Carolina


Collection Title: KnightClub


Tyler Smith is an artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, but originally hails from a small town on the coast of North Carolina. Coming from a conservative background, Tyler’s motivations go in the opposite direction, wanting to discover both feminine and masculine energies in art, fashion, and culture. Tyler’s fashion influences are eclectic, including things like Park Rangers and Final Fantasy characters, so it makes sense that his collection will be equally as camp.

Collection Concept

The original inspiration for KnightClub was the idea of courage. It’s about finding the line of what you are personally comfortable wearing and crossing it. Sometimes crossing that line of comfort can make you feel as beautiful as much as it makes you nervous. Tyler has matched this bravery that it takes to step out wearing something bold, with the creed of courage that medieval knights were known for. Taking some of the fantastical elements from the Middle Ages as aesthetic inspiration, Tyler has created looks that dare you to be both the Knight and the Princess.