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Teju Lankipalli

Teju Lankipalli

Designer: Teju Lankipalli

Hometown: Cary, NC


Collection Title: NIJAM


Teju Lankipalli is a Senior in Fashion & Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management graduating with a B.S. in December 2023. She plans to pursue a Master of Textiles graduate education at NC State with an expected graduation of December 2024.

Collection Concept

This collection is called NIJAM, which means TRUTH in my native language, Telugu. It is a Desi-Western fusion take on professional business wear and was inspired by my mother who always stayed true to her Indian heritage and culture throughout her daily life in a world so far from home. These looks are created from traditional Indian styles like pleating and delicate weaving, in combination with vibrant South Indian fabrics that are upcycled from my mother’s old sarees. Through this collection, I hope to inspire other Desi women like me to proudly wear their cultural identity in a western world that doesn’t always allow for the freedom of representation.