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Stephanie Rummel

Stephanie Rummel

Designer: Stephanie Rummel

Hometown: Wake Forest, NC


Collection Title: Avenue


My name is Stephanie Rummel. I am in the Wilson College of Textiles, majoring in FTM Product Development at NCSU.I have always had a passion for fashion for as long as I can remember. Growing up I dreamed to create my own collection that reflects my personal style and I am so excited to watch it come to life. Throughout my time at NCSU, I learned a lot about the fashion industry and how to create a collection from designing patterns to the finish product on the runway. One day I aspire to work for a luxury company as a stylist or designer

Collection Concept

My collection is called “AVENUE”, inspired by the streetwear of New York fashion. “AVENUE” symbolizes a combination of versatility, confidence, and simplicity. I’ve always gravitated towards more of a timeless silhouette, therefore I wanted to create a collection that make you feel sexy and independent. My personal style is intricately interwoven into each piece along with a third-person perspective to create a unique and simple look.