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Mia Cooper

Mia Cooper

Designer: Mia Cooper

Hometown: Fayetteville, North Carolina


Collection Title: Prints


Hi, my name is Mia Cooper
I am a fashion and textiles student at Wilson College of Textile. Currently a senior in the fashion development and product management concentration. My interest in sewing started from a simple patchwork pillow I had made in daycare. This also grows my interest in all thing’s arts related.
Throughout my elementary and middle school years my counselor early on asked me what I had wanted to do when I got older. My answers would anyway relate to something in the creative field. ” Fashion designer, actor, singer and so on. As time went by the list became shorter and more specific. What always seemed to remain on the list was a career in fashion.

I loved coming up with big bright ideas and seeing them take form. This also carried into starting college. I went to Fayetteville Technical Community College and graduated with an associate degree in Visual arts. I wanted my art to reflect my interests and personality. Dramatic, expressive, and artistic. I am also very thankful for my family who have helped in allowing me to express my extreme creativity in my art.
During my time in college, I was able to learn many different skills in printmaking, painting, drawing/Figure, sculpture and amongst so many other skills set in transitioning to a university. I am excited to see how much I have grown from just a patchwork pillow to a collection in the senior Thread show.

Collection Concept

Threads designer, Mia Cooper is working on a collection that is inspired by the pink Panther story. Based on a French detective who is known for seeking out the thieves who have stolen the pink diamonds. This collection will take place from the perspective of the theft POV. The collection will utilize small shades of pink, beige, and natural colorways. Styles and silhouettes in this collection embellish pearl buttons, beading, fitted and structured garments. Mia Hopes to give the make and feel of a Majestic and sophisticated atmosphere; something that is mysterious allure to its wearer.