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Katie Holmstrom

Katie Holmstrom

Designer:  Katie Holmstrom

Hometown: Charlotte


Collection Title: Eroded Memoirs


Katie Holmstrom a senior in fashion textiles finishing up her last semester. The Threads Show has been a long-time dream of Katie’s to take on and accomplish. Over her years as a student, she spent time working on the styling team for Platform Magazine and as a member of Phi Psi Textile Fraternity. Earlier this year she studied abroad in the Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK where she earned a minor in Global Leadership and Team Decision Making. After she graduates, she plans to spend the season working as a ski instructor in Colorado before starting her career in corporate retail as a product developer.

Collection Concept

Eroded Nostalgia is a collection inspired by the movement, color, and texture of rock eroded by water. Fun and playful silhouettes meet rigid textures to portray both the anger and ease of a flowing body of water to create the timelessness of rock erosions. Pain and play are the two main themes communicated in this collection. Not just as an expression of bodies of water and rock, but also as a college student reflecting on their past four years. This collection is meant to encapsulate the fun and heartbreak of growing up.