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Jada Williams

Jada Williams

Designer: Jada Williams

Hometown: Raleigh, NC


Collection Title: Stop! In the Name of Disco


Jada Williams is a Senior majoring in Fashion Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management. Since she was a young girl, her style has always been described as extravagant, unique, flashy. Playing off her personality and the championing fashion theme of the mid-late 70s, disco— Jada has created a collection of empowering pieces that are each distinct in their own way and showcases the daring and fabulous otherworldly glamour of disco.

Collection Concept

Jada’s collection is inspired by the theme of disco and the role it played in the fashion world in the mid-late ‘70s. With many strong, independent women of the 70s, such as The Supremes, Dreamgirls, Donna Summers and many other girl groups and women artists of that time; Jada draws inspiration from their fabulous, inimitable fashion choices. Utilizing bright colors, sequins, feathers, cut-outs and fitted
silhouettes— Jada has created a line that truly depicts how the theme of Disco dominated the fashion world in the mid-late ‘70s. Her collection— elegant but revealing— full of cutouts, sweetheart necks, and low cut tops positions the collection to be cohesive and all about unison, but allows each garment to truly shine its own light!