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Emerson Huffman

Emerson Huffman

Designer: Emerson Huffman

Hometown: Boone, NC


Collection Title: Sweet Summer


I believe everyone faces their own struggles day to day making it even more important as a consumer to wear a garment that makes you feel comfortable and confident to face life’s challenges. I am passionate about creating an apparel industry environment that is inclusive of all disabilities, ethnicities, and genders. Summer 2023 I had the amazing opportunity to intern as an Apparel Designer for Carters Inc. I worked under Oshkosh B’gosh Boys and Girls Playwear and Baby B’gosh. After class project experience and my internship, I have fallen in love with designing for childrenswear!

Collection Concept

I was inspired by my role model, best friend, and one of my biggest supporters, my mom. Looking back on my childhood, I wanted to create the nostalgic feeling of being a child during the summer, having the warmth of the sun on your back as your mom finds delight in watching you enjoy your girlhood. I created a line that draws from a clean and organic beach look. My demographic is moms and young daughters, ranging from girls 3-9 years and women 25-35 years old. From research on trends for Summer 2024, I plan to incorporate, pop waist, self-tie closures, quilted jacket, and teals, peach orange, and whites. I have incorporated faux functionality features for the girls’ clothing allowing for ease of use.