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Audrey Simons

Audrey Simons

Designer: Audrey Simons

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Email: or

Collection Title: Renew


Simons was first introduced to sewing at a young age by her grandmother who was a quilter. She continued her interest in sewing through camps, classes, and designing for her high school charity fashion show. Thanks to her range of classes taken over the years at the Wilson College of Textiles, Simons’ interests have grown to include the whole garment creation process; from fiber to finished garment. Being a logical yet creative person, Simons works to blend problem solving and purpose with aesthetics in all her designs.

Collection Concept

Renew represents how one day all things will be restored and that nothing is ever “too far gone”. Inspired by the realities of Heaven and the restoration that is to come, this line seeks to display how new life can be found in Jesus. These themes of renewal and restoration tie into sustainability and are represented in the collection by using scrap and deadstock fabrics that are renewed and given a new life. Many of the design elements of this collection are reflective of the 1970s to portray renewal by using colors and silhouettes that are typical of the era.