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Holland Miller

Holland Miller
Holland Miller

Designer: Holland Miller
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Collection Title: The Green Light


Holland was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the third and final sibling in her family to attend North Carolina State University after graduating from Ardrey Kell High School in 2014! Holland has been dreaming about being a designer since she was little. At seven years old she was asking for colored pencils and sketchbooks for Christmas. Ever since she has known that she would go into the fashion industry! Her favorite animal is a monkey and she is counting down the days till graduation so she can finally get her own dog!

Collection Description

Holland’s collection, The Green Light, is inspired by the classic novel The Great Gatsby. The collection focuses on the symbolism of the green light—Jay Gatsby’s symbol of hope throughout the tragic love story. The collection starts out with the use of bright green fabrics to portray the gleaming hope Gatsby has. As the collection continues every garment will being to have more and more black elements added to it until the final piece is all black, symbolizing Gatsby’s hope coming to an end. All the silhouettes and details are inspired by the roaring twenties fashion filled with simple silhouettes paired with immense details!