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Caitlin McCall

Caitlin McCall

Designer: Caitlin McCall
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Collection Title: QMCAT


Caitlin obtained her BSc in Fashion Design at DAAP (University of Cincinnati) in 2015.  She is currently earning her MSc in Textile and Apparel Technology and Management, pursuing a deep interest in sustainability in the fashion apparel sector.


This concept is derived from the equation q=mcΔT, which is used to determine the heat energy gained or lost by a substance as it is heated or cooled.  QMCAT reinterprets this equation in terms of human consumption:  how much change is needed to restore the health of our oceans and mitigate the effects of climate change, ensuring a fair quality of life for future people?  What expectations are realistic and inclusive?

QMCAT considers effective, circular fashion to encourage consumer recycling through either current behaviors or convenient alternatives.  Using nonwoven textiles*, soft notions, and material-homogenous designs, this Fast-Fashion oriented collection is optimized for rapid Closed Loop Recycling and improving the environmental footprint of the most voraciously consumed apparel sector.

*Nonwoven Textiles for this collection were generously supplied by NatureWorks LLC, Berry Plastics, Fitesa, and Uniquetex.