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Bailey Williams

Bailey Williams

Designer: Bailey Williams
Hometown: Apex, NC
Collection Title: S P R I N K L E


Bailey plans to graduate in May of 2018 and start her designing career in the fast fashion industry. Bailey was known as the “fashionista” of the family, but never could have pictured herself at the number one textile university! When she was in high school at Middle Creek of Apex, NC, she started a gymnastics team and played soccer for all four years. Not only does she love sports, she enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, playing with her tiny, 5-pound pooch and eating anything that involves chocolate. She is looking forward to designing an entire collection this semester, testing her strengths, growing as a designer and producing fun and functional clothing.

Collection Description

Bailey’s entire collection is based off America’s one true love; ice cream! Not only does 87% of Americans have ice cream in their refrigerators, but it is Bailey’s all-time favorite food. She loves the bright colors, yummy flavors and all the happiness that comes from eating the sweet treat! “Sprinkle” is a pop culture fashion line that focuses on bold textures that are wearable yet spunky and fun!