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Tanequa Leake

Tanequa Leake

Hometown: Sanford, NC
Collection Title: Prestige Glamour


Tanequa is a student and a key holder by day and an aspiring stylist and designer by night. She grew up in the small town of Sanford, NC where she always dreamed of being in the big city and having her designs grace the runway. Tanequa` also enjoys giving back and donating to local charities and doing community service. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, relaxing nights of watching movies, listening to music and (basically anything not stress-related). By the time you read this, she has persevered through so many learning experiences with this collection, and that is what makes her keep coming back for more, her passion for fashion.

Collection: The foundation of this collection derives from the empowering of women everywhere and helping her find her confidence while unleashing that inner diva, and allowing her to make her presence known. I decided to pull from the Château de Versailles for my inspiration, well known in the 18th century for being the royal powerhouse in France.