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Raven Hawks

Raven Hawks

Hometown: Mount Airy, NC or
Collection Title: Transmogrify


Coming from a small town built on sweet tea, granite rock, and the Andy Griffith Show, Raven came to Raleigh having no idea of what he wanted to do. Not until 2 years into the Human Biology program did he realize this wasn’t in his future. Switching over to the Textiles program proved that this was the industry that he had secretly always loved.  Since then, Raven has competed and displayed garments in a various shows ultimately ending at the Threads Senior Collection.

Collection: The collection’s colors and concept came from a unique spider called the Peacock Spider. This little guy has the amazing ability to flash a fan of beautiful colors, like a peacock, at a mate to impress her. Before the colors come, the spider is a small, normal, grey eight-eyed cutie. Much like this, the garment goes under a change from a neutral, flirty look to a colorful nighttime look as they walk down the runway.