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Emily Law

Emily Law

Hometown: Durham, NC
Collection Title: Your Majesty


If it is possible to be born with a passion, Emily was. From the first moments she could express it  and throughout her entire life, Emily has been interested in fashion.  She made her first dress out of a pillowcase she cut holes in when she was in first grade, and went on to make clothes for her Barbies and rebel against her school uniforms. When she came to the NC State Wilson College of Textiles, and took her first sewing class, she finally had the tools to fully express this passion inside of her. Since then she has worked to hone her skills and take the challenge of participating in NC State fashion shows. She grew up in a creative, beautiful household and continues to draw inspiration from her loving family and friends.

Collection: “Your Majesty” is inspired by queens and royalty. For centuries queens have been fashion leaders and icons all over the world. This line has influence from the rich colors and fabrics of royalty, but also the power and heir that goes along with it. A queen represents a power, grace, strength, and fire that all women have inside of them. Your Majesty is inspired by strong women who carry themselves with pride and aren’t afraid to stand up and fight for what they want. Your Majesty is an ode to the women who know their worth and carry themselves like the queens they are, and is inspired by the look of the queens from our childhood dreams.