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Christiana Boretti

Christiana Boretti

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Collection Title: CATTEDRALE


As a young child, Christiana spent some time in her mother’s architecture studio in the College of Design here at NC State. Watching the students work sparked a creativity in her and a love for the university. Christiana began working with jewelry as a medium to express her love for designing. However, it was in high school when she took many apparel development courses that she discovered her true passion. Christiana fell in love with the Wilson College of Textiles after a tour her junior year of high school and has never looked back. She hopes to pursue a career in product development after graduation and later open a boutique with her own unique designs.

Collection: CATTEDRALE strives to capture the beauty and elegance of cathedral architecture. ‘Cattedrale’ is Italian for ‘cathedral,’ and comes from the focal cathedrals for this collection; Il Duomo di Milano, St. Peter’s Basilica, etc. Known for their beauty and intricate details, this collection uses various methods of embellishment and fabric manipulation to create similar effects within apparel. The simple color palette allows for the intricacies to take center stage in each piece. CATTEDRALE also includes a line of jewelry inspired by the stained glass windows and various items used in a catholic mass.