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Caroline Niklasson

Caroline Niklasson

Hometown: Västerås, Sweden
Collection Title: Tretton (Thirteen)


After graduating from a media and design high school in her hometown of Västerås, Sweden, Caroline moved to Raleigh, NC in 2009. She has always been interested in different types of art and design, but is especially passionate about fashion design, and has been developing her talent as a designer since she started at NC State. She has showed her work in several design competitions, including NCSU’s Art2Wear 2014 and Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway Show in Miami. Upon graduation, she hopes to start her career as a fashion designer and ultimately own and operate her own company.

Collection:  The inspiration for Tretton comes from Caroline’s mother and grandmothers, as they have played a major role in her interest into fashion design. The collection takes influences from Swedish fashion in past decades, as well as some embroidery patterns and techniques. Caroline especially looked at photos of what her mother and grandmothers were wearing when they were her age, and has incorporated some of those details and silhouettes into a modern design.