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Becca Hall

Becca Hall

Hometown: Wendell, NC but my heart belongs to Gilbert, AZ
Collection Title: Mother Nurture


I was born and raised by two wonderful and supportive parents with two amazing sisters in Wendell, NC. I was very artistic from a young age and my grandma started teaching me how to sew at five years old. I’ve always had the attitude that I could make anything. I have made some really cool things and some really ugly ones, but sewing and making things was always my favorite hobby. I loved it so much that my parents let me move to Arizona when I was in High school to go to a school with a Fashion Merchandising Program to further my interests. During that time I lived with my aunt and uncle (who now are like second parents to me). I accomplished a lot and even created my own line for a fashion show which I won 1st Place in. When high school ended, being unsure what I wanted to do specifically, I got my license in massage therapy and pursued classes at Wake Tech Community College. During all that time I ended up getting the best surprise of my life which was my daughter, Jaiden. I decided to take a break from school to focus on my daughter and providing for her. As she got older I thought more about what I wanted for her and how I wanted to be an example of pressing on even when there were challenges. I always knew I wanted to do something with sewing and fashion. I wanted to show my daughter that anything is possible and that I did everything I could to go after my dreams. When she was three I began to pursue school full time and the majority of the time I was balancing two jobs to make it happen. I am happy to say that I now own my own massage therapy business and will graduate in May 2015 from NCSU. I know I couldn’t have made it without my super supportive family and all the sweet people I have met along the way that gave me a chance. It has been quite the journey, but I couldn’t be happier that I ended up here, at NC State. I look forward to seeing where this road with continue to take me.

Collection: My collection is based on my greatest inspiration of life, my daughter, Jaiden. Having Jaiden and being a single mom is the biggest challenge I have ever faced and yet the most rewarding!

She has brought the light to my life and having her has changed me into the person I was meant to be. The creation of a child is an amazing and miraculous thing; so I thought what better way than to base my line on moms and there sweet babies. My line is how I imagine “all-natural” mommas would dress and how they would dress their girls. I was inspired by the relaxed but fashionableness of the bohemian style. I also gathered motivation from nature and how it has influenced me to raise my child the most natural way possible. In a nutshell my line may be on the “hippie” side, but based on the amazing and loving journey of being a mom and raising healthy children.