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Bailey Donoghue

Bailey Donoghue

Hometown: Apex, NC
Collection Title: TBA


I was born in sunny California and moved to the east coast when I was two with my parents and older sister. Growing up I loved animals, being creative, and always getting lost in my next book. I started riding horses competitively when I was 10 years old, learning about responsibility and caring for something that desperately needs me to take care of it. I was the youngest of eight granddaughters and for every Christmas my Grandma would make each of us matching dresses to wear to church. When I got older she taught me how to sew and she became the main inspiration for why I am at the Wilson College of Textiles and continue to sew today. I consider myself lucky because I have grown up with so many strong female influences in my life and that I have a family that has my back through everything. Thank you Mom and this is for you Grandma.

Collection: My collection has a function while being fashionable. Last semester I completed undergraduate research that looked at ways clothing could easily be put on and taken off for women with physical disabilities. This inspired me to continue my research into this line by creating looks that experiment with different types of closures and openings while still keeping the clothes in-style. Through this line of clothing, I am striving to build confidence in every woman, because every woman should feel beautiful in what they wear, no matter her size or shape.