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Amelia Harms

Amelia Harms

Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Collection Title:


Amelia has always been involved with all things artsy. At an early age she learned drawing and painting from her dad and sewing from her grandma, a tailor. From Barbie clothes and pillows to complete fashion collections, Amelia’s expertise and abilities have grown significantly. She finds importance in well-made garments and creative ways to express meaningful concepts. Amelia has made interesting pieces from unconventional materials including t-shirts, football jerseys, unused chemistry workbook pages, and toilet paper. Amelia draws inspiration from alternative materials, artisan craft, and her dad, who has an artistic mind and is willing to discuss even the craziest ideas.

Collection: Featuring hand embroidery and hand-dyed prints, _________ was inspired by inspirational women in Amelia’s life including her mom, sisters, grandmas, great grandma, and neighbor. Each of the embroidered flowers represents these women’s favorite flowers. This collection reminds us that wherever we go, we carry impressions left by loved ones with us. Amelia researched styles of embroidery and was drawn to the Hungarian Kalosca style because it was traditionally an art that women would pass to other women in their families.