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Allison Comer

Allison Comer

Hometown: Chester, VA
Collection Title: Forbidden


As someone who’s fascinated by the world around her, Allison has a passion for creativity that digs deeper than sewing garments. Art and design have been a big part of her life and allow her to experiment with different mediums to further her growth as an artist and designer. As a former gymnast, staying fit and trying other new physical activities also plays a major role in her life because it keeps her inspired by allowing her to push her boundaries and limitations.

Collection: Forbidden is a collection inspired by the 1920’s and the independent women that drove such a free-spirited time. In order to represent the strong personalities of the flappers, hard and soft fabrics such as wool and lace were used. Also more masculine silhouettes such as loose fitting pants and less defined waistlines were created to depict the desire of these women to be whatever they wanted to be and to do whatever they wanted to do.