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Carley Anderson

Carley Anderson
Carley Anderson

Designer: Carley Anderson

Hometown: Stallings, North Carolina


Collection Title: Static Bliss


Carley Anderson is a senior at NC State University majoring in Fashion and
Textile Management with a concentration in Product Development. Since a very young age she has had a passion for art and music and has always enjoyed doing hands on work, which led her to choose the product development track. The technical side of fabric and garments is something that intrigues Carley. She has always enjoyed the infusion of functionality with contemporary aesthetic within clothing. Carley is fascinated with the idea of a concept coming to life which she hopes to show through her collection.

Collection Description:

Carley’s collection is inspired by the way she grew up. Anytime her and her family went somewhere, classic rock music was always playing. It helped shaped her childhood and the music icons of different decades shapes her collection. Outlandish colors, patterns, and silhouettes show a time of old and new music fusing together in a garment. Inspiration form Harry Styles, David Bowie, and Elton John helped Carley to envision the look of her collection.